I went on holiday with our friends from Guernsey and found the accommodation to include everything we needed – even a corkscrew – The village shops provided all our daily requirements and the four tavernas in the village gave us excellent meals and evening entertainment. Also, the house wines were very drinkable and they all seemed to use the same wines which made it very easy.

For me, it was the winemakers Boutar that made the best white wine. After a couple of days, we were recognised and made welcome by everyone. The coast was very close and there is even a bus that stops in the village and transports you there. I think it also goes to Chania. The old town there was a real experience.

Taxis are easy to get if needed and for the nervous traveller a taxi can be waiting at the Airport to transport you to the accommodation and back. Lovely holiday – even came back with half the money we took out with us. We found an English butcher in a village close by, All the supermarket supplied everything we needed without any effort at all.

The accommodation we stayed in (the Olive Picker’s House) was first class and there was plenty of room to sit alone and read or be friendly and join in. Our barbecues were excellent and we all enjoyed a very pleasant time in a very nice village. Definitely going again next year.

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